About Joe Ferrera

About Joe

Joe Ferrera was born in Lisbon, Portugal and brought up in London, England, where he still lives and works. The rest is what we call character building.

He was trained in the art of acting at The Lee Strasberg Institute, New York. Whilst in New York he was allowed to further indulge his acting folly with a number of method acting coaches, who Joe is even allowed to now call his friends. Once he was even allowed to step on stage and deliver the immortal line “Don’t point that banana at me!”

His training is, like his life, ongoing, so the Meisner technique, as taught by Jean Fennel, has also been added to his understanding of the acting craft. Finally, none of this would have begun or would continue, without the font of knowledge for all things thespian – the wonder that is Andy Lucas.

Joe has starred in and produced numerous plays including Danny in “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea“, Brandon in “Rope”, Charlie Fox in “Speed The Plow“, Micheal in “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me“, Rosto in  “The Potato Eaters“,  Felix in “The Bed Before Yesterday“, Ivan in  “Apartment 2012” and he’s also played Aouda Abu Tayi in a Theatrical adaptation of “Lawrence of Arabia“.

Joe has featured in a number of TV shows including London’s Burning, Ultimate Force, Crisis Control, Rosemary & Thyme and Benidorm.

His work on feature film includes “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote“, Terry Gilliam’s incomplete masterpiece, from which grew the award winning “Lost in La Mancha”, “A Place to Stay” dir. Marcus Thompson, “Love, Actually” dir Richard Curtis, “Senseless” dir Simon Hynd , “Elizabeth-The Golden Age” dir Shehkar Kapoor and the up coming “Will” dir. Ellen Perry.

Joe’s work as an actor doesn’t stop there; he also teaches and coaches actors at the Brian Timoney Acting Studio. He is currently scribbling pages in order to make a film that will look a little less amateur than what he records on his iPhone and tries to pass off as talent.

Joe admittedly has one other passion – wine. He likes to sip it, taste it, slurp it and try to articulate it; his most famous wine note being “This wine has a hint of gooseberry, elderflower, pork rind and unwashed socks!” – it was deeelicious!! He also suggests you always drink responsibly.

Joe wasn’t sure whether he should have paid one of his very good and expensive script writer friends to create this page or just write the “About Joe” page himself, and as you can read, he paid a script writer friend.

There, that’s it. Thanks for reading and your support. Somewhere, sometime I hope that I’ve entertained you.